Selling quality natural products since 2006!


We are DB PHARMACEUTICALS a division of TARA PHARMACEUTICALS, the developer, manufacturer and distributor of natural medicine which opened its doors in 2006. In conjunction with Tara Pharmaceuticals we focus on distribution of several products:

  • Fertipil Plus for Women (a fertility enhancing supplement in women)
  • Fertipil Plus for Men (a fertility enhancing supplement in men)
  • Fertipil Plus PCOS (a product which focusses on PCOS support and insulin resistance)
  • Fertivor (a product which amongst other things was designed to support women who are struggling with issues related to ovulation and infertility).
  • Pregnapil Plus (a maternity supplement)
  • Prostavor (a natural prostate wellness product)
  • Lungshield (a product which focuses on promoting and protecting the lungs)
  • Menopil Plus (a natural product designed to assist women during menopause)
  • StressNoMore (a natural stress, anxiety and sleeplessness reliever)


It is our mission and goal to strive to be the best on the natural medicine market, through constant research and the optimal formulation of our products, but keeping our products at an affordable price.


The information provided on this website is intended to provide helpful informative materials but is not intended to provide medical advice or take the place of medical advice and treatment from you physician.It is sold with the understanding that the author and publisher are not engaged in rendering any medical, health or professional services. If the reader requires personal medical, health or other assistance, they should consult with their physician before beginning any health or supplementation program. Tara’s formulations only consist of plant based active ingredients as shown in independent and well documented clinical studies for the support of good health.